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[Review] Artbook - Feimo ~Wuze~

artist: Feimo
SIZE: 8" x 11"
FORMAT: softcover
Publication date: 08.2008
PAGE: 60, fullcolor
PRICE: $40(What the artist charge on her DA page)
EXTRA: Include artist's signature
Web: Feimo@DA, Official site

RATING: 3.5/5

This is Feimo's 1st artbook. It includes most of her illustrations. The title "Wuze" means "no choice" (though it doesn't relate to the content of the book at all). The paper quality is average. The package felt rushed because it would have been better if they added extra blank pages in the front or back to signal a beginning and a end. At the same time, it would have been better if they added a dust jacket because that would have made the book more structural (it's very easy to damage the book through shipping without it). But since this is her first artbook, I hope the next one would be better.

The content is neatly organized into two categories. In "Twenty-two Sad Parting Songs", Feimo takes you back in time to a place where beautiful layers of embroidery silk robs, fur and precious stones such as rubies, jade, and even pearls were wrapped around gold or silver to use as decoration. The theme is more traditional Asian style, so most of her character have gorgeous long hair. Like the title, "Demon Seal Letter" this chapter have more rough elements such as chains and swords. The sleek suits, leather belts and jeans, silvery chains, and custom made uniforms all adds a wonderful mix of fantasy and modern flavor to the book.

I found out about Feimo the same time as when I discovered Heise. In my opinion, Feimo's art are most realistic and diverse. For example, her characters have more natural complexions and facial features. At the same time, I think this is where they both can use some work on expression. Going back to Feimo, even though the background look simple, at least she did them herself (other than using stock images). But she makes up for it on other details and texture. I think another fact I like Feimo so much is because she doesn't stick to one framework. You see more variety of character and style in her artwork.

Overall, it's a good artbook. I enjoyed her creations and I hope she will bring more prettiness in the future.

Previews Other than posting pics taken by my camera, I decided to take close shots of the images and make them into walls so it look more presentable. I hope you guys will like it. ^^


I was sure I had you on my F-list, but somehow it's not so anymore... strange... but fixed it :)

The books they sell on deviantart are rather expensive... I never actually managed to convince myself to get anything from there, especial after shipping quotes... and hence the not-so-brilliant quality makes me feel sad...

The pictures definitely have style and very refined air about them, so refined that I'd be afraid to have them in my hands :) This art is pretty, but I never fall this sort, exactly because it is too flawless. These boys look to me like perfectly beautiful dolls lacking some character, some edge... May be this is what you also mean with </i>oth can use some work on expression</i>. I think the artist has good taste and skills, but I'd love to see more life in the eyes of her boys - that would convince me to buy them :)

The price is really ridiculous on DA.
I also got something from Heisei because there was a lot of hype about her work, so I bought it on a whim. It was total disaster when you see the product (such false advertisement). I'll post something about that soon.

I got it for around 1/4 of what they charge on DA, so it came out ok. But i totally agree with you, the art is just ok, it lacks the spark that makes them shine out because I find so many more artist that can do the same thing.

thanx for the comment. I really appreciate them!

I agree- i like feimo better than heise, although both are incredibly amazing at what they do. feimo does explore more and the soft, serene beauty of her artwork draws me in more than heise's refined details. i actually discovered heise first so I have always and still greatly respect her. I bought her first "book," and do not regret buying it since I wouldnt get hte money back, but it was damaged at one corner and not on beautiful book paper and i was disappointed. it wasnt a book either.
I think 30 would be the MAX that i would ever pay. Seriously, I think that they can print for way cheaper on good paper, so idk
now that I realize... this was posted a while ago
I bought a whole set of Heise's work when I was really obsessed with her. I wrote a review about it on another site, basically, I hated the fact that they don't understand the term "artbook". Images printed on not bound paper is not consider a book. It's more like large versions of postcards. They price they charge is crazy too, if I want to look at pretty guys, a magazine with models would do just that and at cheaper price.

Feimo is coming out with a real "art book", it's 120RMB (about 20 USD). But I am not going to get it because I got tired of this kind of work and for 20USD, I can get something way better. They got great CG skills, but not much creativity and artistry. Feimo and Heise are well known for copying a lot of work from magazines, and other sources. So my respect for their art really went down the hill.

Thanx for sharing your thought. I really appreciated.

I find the markup to be REALLY high when their stuff is sold on DeviantArt.
It really takes the fun out of it when they're resold with atleast a 3x markup.

I don't understand why they can't just sell at the normal price while offering to ship internationally direct to avoid having to eat the costs of a 2nd shipment.

Sucks, but atleast I have friends in China and Taiwan who can help me out from time to time.
I know, basically, they just want to make more money of artwork that isn't even original.

I don't even think they incur shipment cost to the US because they can easily have a friend who lives in the u.s. bring a suit case full of artbooks here.

I am glad I have my aunt in china to hold all my stuff till I go back to pick it up.